Usually when I start a new, really good book I am a bit obsessed for awhile. I look for everything the author has ever written and fly through the catalog on my long commute each day. 

This week though, a favorite author of mine released a new book that I have been anxiously awaiting. Well, it did not disappoint and I am not even finished yet. 

Glennon Doyle is a writer I greatly admire. This is because she is focused on self growth, living your truth, and never giving up. She’s a recovering addict, worked through an eating disorder, and endured a divorce. She’s real, a mom, and now she is encouraging women everywhere to become untamed. 

Glennon wants me to throw out the damned checklist I clung to for so long. Thus far, her book has completely gripped me. She is talking about the exact goal I am striving for, just in a way I had not considered before. Untamed is about women becoming who they are already, deep down inside. Forget about what you have been told your whole life you should be and just look for who you feel you are. This message of “should” comes from so many places: family, friends, peers, society, media, and basically everywhere you look. We try to fit in and be what is expected, and in the process we lose ourselves, and become tamed. 

I really relate to this idea of being tamed. So many times in my life, I have felt like I am too much. When something really strikes me, I get passionate as hell. Like I said, I find every book an author has ever written and I consume them in a matter of weeks. If I fall in love with a TV show, I want to know everything about it. I watch every episode, research the entire background of it, and find all the hidden gems it has to offer. I want every piece of the story. The whole story. The whole backstory. And everything that happens with it in the future. 

Most people don’t understand that kind of passion. I do this with everything that catches me in a certain way. So other people think “wow she has time on her hands” or “geez, slow your roll lady” or “what a weirdo” and I can feel that. So I try to keep my weird passions hidden. 

Untamed says, “No honey, give that beautiful passion some light. ”

And you know what? It does feel amazing to give it some light. Besides the joy of being able to just be yourself, unapologetically and honestly, giving your weird passions light allows the other people who can relate to join you. They may be few, but they could be your best friends. Finding your people is the most amazing feeling and it cannot happen if you hide. Hiding separates us and creates the shame that holds you back. No more hiding, no more shame. 

So, if you are someone who craves growth and being curious, look this book up. And if you are like me, check out all of Glennon’s work. It’s beautiful and hard and so worth knowing. 

In the coming weeks I am planning to put together a page on my site with all my favorites on it. TV shows, movies, podcasts, books, and anything else that strikes me. Everyone should have this so we can easily consume everyone’s favorites. If you feel the passion about something, share it with me. I may not get it, but I might, and then we have started a new passion pod around your thing. It is the best feeling. 

I doubt this is the only post about Untamed. There are four more hours left on the audiobook, and I think it will get a second listen as soon as I am done. Ahhh, the passion.

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