Well, the hard week I was having has extended into a second week. So, rather than push myself to write something that my heart won’t be in, I am just going to share a TEDx Talk from one of my favorite mental health advocates. 

Jenny Lawson is an author, blogger, and hilarious person all around. She also suffers from anxiety, depression, and a personality disorder. But despite this, she pushes forward and does so to show people they are not alone. The first line in this video is, “Have you ever seen someone throw up on a TEDx stage before?” Oh man, do I feel that. 

I love Jenny Lawson. She gave her TEDx Talk with notes and in her slippers. She also said fuck. She was terrified and did it anyways. So damn brave. 

So hopefully I will have more to say next week, until then, enjoy Jenny talking about how important it is to share your story, it may even save a life. 

Her blog is thebloggess.com. I highly recommend it. 

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