I desperately need a social media break. Unfortunately, I think I am not using social media to connect but just to compare. Comparing is a problem. I mean no one is posting a picture of themselves crying on their way to work or even a mundane pic of them at their desk collating. You won’t get any likes for that. But 99% of life is that, the boring parts. Then on the other side of that is the ugly parts. Changing the millionth dirty diaper of the weekend when your kid is sick. Or the moment when your husband broke his ankle so severely he needed two surgeries, couldn’t walk for 10 weeks, and went through a year of physical therapy… when your daughter was three months old. And you just went back to work.

If I was more brave, I would post all that stuff, but I am not there yet. Right now, I think I need to just take a good long week away from it all. No Facebook, no Instagram, just got old texting and email to stay connected with my people. (I HATE talking on the phone, so good luck calling me, lol) Honestly, the majority of the people I am closest to are rarely on social media. Well, they might lurk, but they are not out there looking for validation like I am. Something to strive for.

Author Glennon Doyle said that AA was such a breath of fresh air for her because people were finally being REAL. They were their messy selves. I so relate to this. This is why I feel so alone when I feel messy. Everyone else says they understand but they still HIDE their messy. It makes me feel like I should be ashamed of it and I am sick of the double standard. Give me that REAL. Give me AA. Give me the mess because that is where we live.

Speaking of Glennon Doyle, I am a big fan of hers and would highly recommend her book Love Warrior. She puts all her ugly out there and the story is amazing. She has a new book coming out this month called Untamed and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. Check her out, seriously.

Well, it is another short post this week but after dealing with my site being hacked a couple weeks ago and my daughter deciding to sleep like a newborn the last couple weeks, I am kind of spent. I am hoping that in the near future I can share what my social media break was like and how it felt. Let’s hope I can do it and things slow down for awhile. <3

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