The Basics. Might as well start with that good old checklist.

  • Graduate high school: 2002
  • Graduate college: 2007 (late but not too late)
  • Work, get a job: been working since 1999
  • Become financially stable/secure: (let’s just not talk about it)
  • Get married: May 2014 <3
  • Buy a house: (crickets…)
  • Have a baby: Success! 2018

The Details. Or at least some details.

I am an introvert, but love good conversation. I struggle with anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder. I feel like the best thing I got out of college was my friends. I love to read, take long walks outside, and binge watch TV shows. I live next door to a haunted house (like a haunted house business, not with actual ghosts… as far as I know). My husband is the best dad. My daughter is so happy and that makes me feel like a success. I went to therapy for over three years and it was the best thing I have ever done. If I felt like I needed to, I would go back in a heartbeat. Highly recommend. 

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